Word play. 

My minds at cross between up and down I can’t hear the words so …..could you spell them out? I forgot how to read so……..could you help me out? times standing still but I’m trying be found. Can’t move forward when time sticks still. Gotta focus. Be still. The maze is in your mind its not even about the time. It doesn’t exist its a race and a crime. To body our minds to only think in rhymes to only move like this when the clock makes a tick? How about if when we kiss the clocks don’t tick. The birds off beat but still he sounds legit. The noises so perfected we’ve been blessed with the present a word so creatively created. I associate presence with gifts idk about you but I’m feeling like mines a mistake. But then I humble.myself cover.myself. with the word and his grace I discover that a gifts from the heart of those that we take. How cruel to be ungrateful from a heart that’s so faithful. I know you feel that. That’s called shame, you feel shameful. Let’s be real with the words that we hear its not about what we see its about what we feel.


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