x #past

You know it’s not that easy to express my pain/ look at my hands do you see the bloodstain?/ I admit it/ I’m convicted /this isn’t scripted/ I plead guilty send me to the box and label me restricted./ I don’t deserve to be heard my heart still beats but my visions blurred/ I question why this happened/. why I misheard when you asked for the truth./ Why my words got slurred, sugar coated like a sweet tooth./ Driving thru the tollbooth I remember your smile, the best memories of my youth were you and Kyle. /It ended too soon, beautiful like the full moon. /Water splashing/ no reaction /I feel nothing when I look to the sea, all I see is what could have been if I had just set him free/ now I feel nothing from all these amphetamines./ metaphorically speaking/ I’m historically creeping/ my past haunts me daily like that song with the ukelele/ yea that was lame like you and your video games/ it’s one and the same/ can you interpret my slang?/ back to the truth let me not detain/ I don’t know how to talk to you/ I view you as an obstacle/ you’re a hurdle I can’t jump/ I try to overcome this but I get stuck/  I wanna move on but i suck/ literally speaking/ I’ll let that sick in/ lies and the cheating/ I can’t win/ I made a mistake I used our secret handshake and got left with more than a head.ache/ I wanna tell you everything because it’s eating me alive/ the enemy is after me and uses this to thrive/ I feel pain daily when I think of her demise/ crucified and torutred  all that’s left is flies/  big surprise I’ve never stopped loving you/ I’m unsure how/ maybe you can teach me and then take your bow?
#raw #emotion #healing #honesty


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